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Seed Endowment

We receive so much in both formal and informal education during our four years in college, we the SRECians naturally want others to reap the same rewards we did. Our alumni contribute extensively to our alma mater not only by gift of money, but also the gift of time. Many of the benefits we get from college are intangible, and the things we give back aren't always easy to measure. But one thing is clear: SREC is in need of both financial support and volunteer assistance from their alumni. Life isn't so much about what you're given. It's about what you give. "By sharing our time and talent and money with our college, we do a bit of good and can even change lives by helping a worthy student earn a college education."

With this concept, the alumni association promoted the concept called SEED – Creating a Named Endowment Fund in the year 2016. This scheme can bring an amazing impact in the lives of our students and alumni. The endowment fund can be used in any way the sponsor chooses to carry out his /her mission exclusively for the support of a needy deserving student or to alma mater. We gratefully appreciate and acknowledge the members for building a named endowment and generous contributions.