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SREC Alumni Association was formed on 14th May 1998 with 190 members. The executive committees of the alumni association framed the bye laws of our association and registered in the district registrar’s office, Coimbatore. SREC Alumni association has chapters at Chennai and Bangalore. The association is organizing Alumni guest lectures, conducting mock campus drives, scholarships to students, career guidance programs, project internships and alumni-students interactions. Association is strengthening alumni interactions and supports the activities of the core alumni groups and promotes their activity for the benefit of the college and its wider perspectives.

Chapter Details

Parent Chapter

coimbatore, india

Formed On : 13 Aug 2015

Members : 9863

Total Events : 14



0422 123456

Committee Members

Vasanth Kumar Sivakumar

2002 - B.e | Electrical And Electronics Eng

Senior Engineer @ TNS Consultants

Coimbatore, India

Sudhakar Ramasamy

2005 - B.e | Mechanical Engineering

assistant professor @ sriramakrishna engin

Coimbatore, India

Thomas Renald Chowalloor Joseph

2003 - B.e | Mechanical Engineering

Associate Professor @ SREC

Coimbatore, Coimbatore

Shyam Jude

2008 - B.e | Electronics And Communication

CEO & Founder @ Analog and Digital L

Coimbatore, India

Jayakrishnan R

2015 - B.e | Computer Science And Engineeri



Vivek C

2010 - B.e | Electronics And Communication