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Webinar Talk Series #19 - "You will never walk alone”

Webinar Talk Series #19 -

Webinar Talk Series #19 - "You will never walk alone”

Webinar Talk Series #19 - "You will never walk alone” was held on 18th October 2020 Sunday from 06.00 PM to 07.30 PM IST. Mr.Prashanth Karthikeyan, Alumnus 2012/Aeronautical Engineering was the guest speaker for the occasion. Around 35 participants joined the webinar across the globe using the WebEX Application. The Speaker shared his experience in the Supply chain and Logistics. He explained the process that happens right after an order for the product is placed and to the point of delivery. He emphasized the importance of hub as it reduces the cost of warehouse and transportation. Dr.N.R.Alamelu, Patron & Principal felicitated the speaker of the Webinar talk series hosted by SREC Alumni Association. Mr.S.Vasanth Kumar, President, SREC AA welcomed the global audiences to the webinar talk series .Mr.Robin Johny, Executive member, SREC AA thanked the guests and the audience for sparing time and thought to make this webinar a grand success during Vote of thanks. The participants along with their kids with sheer interest and enthusiasm, took part in the fun games conducted by Ms. Padmashree Subramanian 2006 ECE / Singapore which made session more interactive and a memorable one.

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On Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020

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